Marathon Special: Meeting your Running Specialist – Kyndra Clawson

Marathon Special 


This will be Kyndra’s first ING New York City Marathon. Many of you can relate whether it’s your first or thinking about the first time you conquered the race. Good luck Kyndra! We’re proud of you.

How did you get into running? Why do you run? 
I started running almost 4 years ago to help me lose weight. I lost over 50 pounds exercising a ton and eating better. Running was a huge part of my workout. I ran with the Niketown Run Club and dragged a few of my coworkers w/ me to help keep me motivated. One of the girls that started coming with me is actually one of the people I am running the marathon with. There’s 3 of us all running together. It’ll be a special moment when we all cross the finish line. I run now because I like the freedom I get from it. I like to push my limits physically and mentally. Running does that for me. I’m constantly trying to get stronger, go faster, and go longer. 

Since you’re participating in this year’s NYC Marathon, what is your goal? My first goal is to finish, which I’m pretty confident that will happen. I would absolutely love to finish this thing in 5 hours. That’s pushing it a little. In reality, I’m expecting to finish in 5.5 hours. 

It’s your first marathon! What are your biggest concerns? Fuel along the way. I’m concerned with getting hungry and not eating enough before I leave the house. I’m also pretty concerned about getting too caught up in the moment and taking off too fast over the bridge. 

What’s your favorite Marathon training route in NYC? I love running over the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges. I love the views of the city from there. I also like the West Side Highway because it’s pretty motivating every time you go out and there’s hundreds of runners and people doing the same thing you’re doing. NYC is an awesome place to train. 

Do you have a running ritual? If so, what is it? I don’t really have one. I’m not a ritualistic kind of girl. I pretty much live by the seat of my pants most of the time. 

What is your favorite running shoe? Why? I love the New BalanceMinimus, but I’ve been told countless times not to try and run the Marathon in them. I like the feeling of control under my feet and being able to feel the road. I also acquired some pretty killer calves over the summer during training in those babies. But, I’ll be running the Marathon in the Mizuno Running Wave Elixer 8. So far they’re awesome. My feet and ankles feel great in them w/out any pulling. 

What is your favorite race? Why? My fave race so far was my first one. It was the NYRR Dash and Splash 10k in Central Park. That was over 3 years ago. They closed the pool in Central Park and we were all able to go get our swim on after the race. That was fun after an emotional first race. 

What’s your next or most anticipated race? Haha. I’m already thinking about a few things I want do next year. I think I want to qualify for 2015 next year. However, talk to me on November 4th and we’ll see how I feel once this is over. But my most anticipated race is Tough Mudder. I’ve been dying to do it for 2 years and now that the Marathon will be over I can get that done. This is my first Marathon, but my 2nd one to train for. I was supposed to run last year, but obviously it was cancelled. Tough Mudder is so close to the Marathon and I’m always afraid I’ll get hurt doing it so I’ve put it off until I get this done.

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