Meet Amanda From ALO Yoga, the Brand Everyone is Talking About


Only a few weeks away from Yoga Journal Live! in New York, we wanted to share a chat we had with a yoga brand called ALO. Marketing Manager Amanda Porter gives us an inside look to the brand, why they practice and what they do for you–the yogi’s wearing the clothes both on the mat and on the street. Part of the athleisure movement, ALO makes clothing for function and fashion that you won’t want to take off!

How ALO Got Started

“ALO Yoga was created to align with the owners’ healthy lifestyle, and to be equal parts performance and fashion so that yogis could also wear it to and from practice and beyond into everyday life,” says Amanda. On top of satisfying real yogi needs, ALO’s owners also care about their environmental impact, and strive for green-conscious yoga products.

ALO’S Mission

Speaking of green-minded, ALO stands for Air Land and Ocean to represent their environmentally conscious goals. At their location in California, you’ll find a solar-powered design studio, a paper-free warehouse and electric car charging station in the parking lot. Like the environment, workers are also treated well with a 100% no sweat shop policy. Since the beginning, ALO Yoga has been making clothing in the U.S. and internationally in a no-sweatshop, humane, sustainable way. “We treat our people the way we want to be treated,” Amanda says. “Doing things the right way has never been up for debate.”

Behind the Product

All ALO products are tested by yogis and are fit multiple times before reaching production. “That means no downward-dog peep show, no camel toe, no peek-a-boob bras. Ever,” says Amanda. They will tell you they literally sweat the small stuff so you can focus solely on your yoga practice.

Top Products

So, what are these products? A popular ALO product currently is the Airbrush Legging, a classic yoga legging with ultimate performance fabric to sculpt inner and outer thighs while lifting the booty. Zero outer seams slim the thighs and a new waistband is engineered to flatter your stomach. “It’s like wearing real-life retouching,” Amanda says. “Who doesn’t want an airbrushed version of themselves?” Next up is the patent-pending Goddess Ribbed Legging, which is both the favorite in the office and with ALO yogis. It features similar booty-lifting, thigh-sculpting qualities and extended legs to fit over your feet if you need a little extra grip or coverage in class. It’s similar to leg warmers, but built in!

What’s New?

Two new versions of the classic patent-pending Goddess Ribbed Legging are launching.

  • Mesh Goddess Legging:  ribbed leg warmer effect is replaced with forward, airy mesh legs that still tuck over the heels
  • Goddess Ribbed Legging 2: sexy, edgy, leg-lengthening leg seaming. “We seriously upped our to-and-from game,” Amanda says, “We are dying over the ballet-inspired pieces and contemporary minimalist styles that keep you cozy and looking great when you aren’t at the yoga studio.”

Inside ALO

As we mentioned, ALO employees practice what they believe and sell–and they practice right in their own office together. “You’d think it’s Game Over for the day’s productivity after a good flow and savasana, but we all get back to work with clearer, chiller heads,” Amanda says. The group yoga lets employees get to know each other in a more real, human way. Partnering up for handstands on each other’s side-by-side, sweaty mats gets them laughing with each other quickly. And ALO hosts some of the best L.A. yoga instructors to teach employees multiple times a week, so everyone gets a chance to stretch and strengthen at the on-site studio. Besides at-work yoga, Amanda says her the best part of ALO is the people. “They care about yoga, making sure our yogis look and feel great and on-trend, and the environment, and are all-around inspiring humans outside of work as well,” she says. “We’re all excited to see each other every day, which is pretty special.”

Yogi Tip for Runners

Amanda was kind enough to share a tip for us runners! Here’s her trick for tight hammies: Forward fold to really work into hamstrings. If you tighten your quad muscles, you’ll be able to draw your hips forward, creating length and a deeper hamstring stretch.