#WINTERWARRIOR Winners Announced!

Freezing temperatures and MORE snow made for a great #winterwarrior contest week, and you all really came through! If you don’t already know, Paragon hosted a week-long contest encouraging you to get out into the elements and share your fitness activities with us via a social media hashtag, #winterwarrior

Thank you to ALL participants for your terrific and game-on submissions proving that you are all #winterwarriors. Though it wasn’t the easiest to pick the best, the results based on “favorites” are in!

Now presenting Paragon’s Winter Warriors of 2015…

1st Place


2nd Place

Runner Up


Stay tuned for future sweepstakes and thanks again for sharing your #winterwarrior posts. Stay warm out there!


Running Changed My Life

My biggest goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon this Sunday (September 16, 2012). I would have to run under 3:05:00 to qualify in the 20-24 year-old bracket.” Currently, Kevin’s last record was at 3:05:50.

Kevin Montalvo, 24 from Jackson Heights, Queens, a running specialist at Paragon Sports who spends his half hour lunch breaks running or working out at the gym, shares how running changed his perspective on women, family and life. Not to mention that Kevin also lost 45 lbs after he merged running into his life. As a kid, he was always a few pounds heavier than the rest. Kevin ate full pies of pizzas by himself and made daily trips to McDonalds. The combination of an unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle and social pressures led Kevin to weigh about 200 lbs, standing 5’10” at 22 years old.

This transformation occurred one morning when Kevin decided to pursue something different, something that nobody with the right mind would do. He illegally embedded himself in the storm of marathoners and ran the last 13 miles of the New York City Marathon. “After that day, some part of me that never existed before told me that competitive running is what’s going to change my life.” Thus, Kevin signed up for the New York Road Runner’s New York City 60K in November, which resulted in a 7:40:15 time. Last year, he ran the same race with a record of 5:35:00 – 2 hours and 5 minutes faster! “It took me three weeks to recover fully; I slept for 18 hours the next day and lost 5 lbs of water weight.”

Despite the excruciating experience, Kevin realized that this wasn’t just a new found hobby, this was the turning point of his life. All the pieces in his life fit together like a puzzle.

After this newly found interest, Paragon Sports promoted Kevin to a running specialist in men’s running apparel. Being surrounded by runners, triathletes, trainers and athletes made Kevin even more motivated to continue his journey to achieve his maximum potential as a runner. With constant encouragement and words of wisdom from his coworkers and managers, Kevin learned that fitness was the way of life.

At Paragon, Kevin also met his current girlfriend, Maria Wong, a running specialist in women’s running apparel. Kevin and Maria influenced each other to incorporate running in their lives. In fact, their first few dates were private runs around the city.

At home, Kevin’s parents are exceptionally proud of his accomplishments. He motivated his mom to be more active and healthy through walking and being conscious about nutrition.

Lastly, as a runner, Kevin wants to continue his journey of running across the United States. His biggest personal goal is to run a marathon in every state in the US. Currently, he is training for multiple marathons but most importantly, he wants to spread his passion for running and a healthy lifestyle to people who believes that the odds are against them.

“Do not be afraid to change. It’s natural to feel disappointed with what may seem impossible but there’s always a possibility to maximize your potential and the feeling after is worth it.”