Newton Run Recap: The Shoes, The Run, The Fun



Last night’s Newton Sponsored Run was amazing–am I right? About 40 runners took the sunny streets in flashy Newton running shoes, renewed by the warmer weather. Once we hit the West Side Highway, the wind started to cool us off and provided a great training tool as we kept pace for our recovery run.

The highlight of the night, of course, was getting to try some new kicks for free! Comments on the run included how stylish and bright the shoes were, how different they felt and the bouncy, cushioned effect the midsole had.

“Everyone that tried them last night loved the shoes and was happy about the comfort they provided,” says Newton Tech Rep Tori Simons about getting runners’ reactions.

Before the run, Tori schooled us on what makes a Newton shoe different from other running shoes. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Newton recognizes and boasts about the unusual feeling of the shoes, and it’s like no other.

“Newton running shoes have extra cushion in all the right places to help you run more comfortably,” Tori says.

The most noticeable difference is the midfoot area, where lugs and extra cushioning are present. Most of us might be used to a heel-heavy cushioned shoe, or even a more minimal shoe, so let’s review some of the innovative qualities of the various styles we wore last night:

  • Midsole cushion absorbs impact and adds responsiveness
  • POP sensation is from a dynamic movement system
  • Midfoot lugs engage to activate a trampoline membrane for energy return
  • You get enhanced ground feel, efficiency, comfort!
  • New broader P.O.P 1 platform accommodates natural foot function
  • An extended medial bridge supports without over-correcting for flatter arches and overpronation

“The event last night was great! We love doing a Paragon sponsored run for the public,” says Tori. “It’s great that the staff runs as well and has the opportunity to experience the shoes.”

We definitely are thankful for the opportunity to experience new and different running products. It helps expand our knowledge to share with our run club, helping us all become better runners!

Thank you all for joining us at Paragon last night and for coming out for some St. Patty’s Day celebrations post-run. See you next time!

-Your Paragon Pacers



Meet Nuun and Feetures! at Tuesday’s Run Club


Great news!—Nuun hydration and Feetures! socks are sponsoring our Tuesday Run Club! What makes these brands awesome? Paragon Pacer James gave us some insight.

Nuun is delicious enough to hydrate with any day, but it’s ideal for refueling and rehydrating after a run. Pronounced “noon,” the company was the first to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates, so you get the benefits without all the sugar. Just drop the tablet into a bottle of water and enjoy!

nuun 1

“Nuun hydration isn’t as thick as other drinks like Gatorade and isn’t as sticky,” James says, plus, they are only 8 calories each with zero sugar.

Not only are the flavors tasty, they are an easy way to enhance performance through proper hydration. Many of us are dehydrated on a daily basis, which can cause fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea and more. When water just isn’t enough, Nuun provides three hydration varieties:

  • Active Hydration: specific to high intensity activities and/or higher electrolyte replenishment needs (Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc)
  • U Natural Hydration: all natural variety with a lower electrolyte profile
  • All Day: encourages you to drink more water by providing refreshing flavors, enhanced with all-natural vitamin and mineral blend for daily use

Now we all know hydration’s importance, but so is taking care of your feet during long or frequent runs. Feetures! brand strives to help you perform your best by providing a variety of high-quality socks and eco-friendly packaging to boot!

Spring Outlook home page ad-1

“The Merino wool ones are super nice,” says James. “The wool doesn’t take on the smell technical fibers usually do and wears better.”

Already wearing Feetures! when asked about them, he explained the high performance socks have a fabric blend, elastic arch support and good fit unlike any other sock. Each variety keeps your feet dry using fibers like bamboo, Merino wool and Lycra. There’s one for every runner’s need:

  • High Performance: original design featuring Lycra, hugs, wicks, includes ventilation zones
  • Elite: targeted support, blister protection, moisture wicking
  • Elite Merino+: includes Merino wool for natural anti-odor, insulates when wet, warms feet
  • Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve: 6 support zones with graduated compression for circulation
  • Elite Compression: knee-high, 18-22 mmHG of superior graduated compression for faster recovery

Both are amazing products that are beneficial to many runners already. So, make sure to come out and experience Nuun and Feetures! for yourself this Tuesday at 6:30pm.

A Word From Coach Josh:

This week, hopefully the weather will agree and there won’t be any reason to make any adjustments, we’re going for some variable pace work with a nice little interval play. The pick-ups aren’t aggressive, but more of a turn of pace that will work with the potential conditions we’ll be looking at. Sadly, I won’t be there Tuesday, but pacers James, Devang, Vivian, and Brian have got you covered.

The Tuesday Workout

  • Warm-up to the West Side Highway [Roughly 1-mile]
  • Repeat the Sequence Twice
  • 1-min Easy/4-min @ 30-sec faster
  • 2-min Easy/3-min @ 45-sec faster
  • 3-min Easy/2-min @ 60-sec faster
  • 4-min Easy/1-min @ 90-sec faster
  • Cool Down back to the store [Roughly 1-mile]

~ Josh

Weekend Long Run – 6/14/14


​Lovely weather this AM, no?!  The beautiful game is gripping the World and I couldn’t be happier about it. This weekend we’ll be running a little later than usual, but it should still be a great morning.  We’re going to go from 72nd Street & CPW and then out to Riverside Park and then up to Van Cortlandt Park.  A taste of something a little different.  

Hope everyone is having a good week and ​have an AMAZING weekend.  I’ll see some of you tomorrow AM. 


  • Meeting Time: 9:15am

​ (9:45 & More Relaxed); 9:30 (9:30 + Faster)​

  • Meeting Place: ​72nd & Central Park West
  • Distance: 10-miles
  • Type of CourseFlat w/one kicker of a hill by the GW
  • Map: HERE 
  • Bag Drop: No, Come Run Ready

~ josh

NYC Half Recovery Run – 3/18/14



First of all, Congratulations to everyone that raced this weekend.  I saw via Facebook and such that there were some REALLY excellent times out there and quite a few PRs.  I love it!!!  So, as you know, I will be heading for warmer pastures for the next couple of weeks and shall return the first week of April.  Maybe by then we can start talking about going to the TRACK!!!!  While I am gone I am leaving you all in the capable hands of James, who has been pacing out the crew for a couple of years now.  The workout for tomorrow night is below.

Have a great week everyone and I will be in touch for sure!!

~ josh

Hey Paragoners, 

For all of you that raced the NYC Half on Sunday, I just wanted to say way to go! I haven’t heard all the stories yet but I have been told of good number of PR’s and just plain old faster than expected times. 

Tomorrow’s workout is to refresh and exaggerate recovery.

  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • 9:45 pace + Faster groups: 40-min (10-mins easy, 2-mins@10k pace, 3-mins recovery, 3-mins @ HMP, 2-mins recovery cycle through twice. and 10mins easy)
  • 9:50 pace + more chilled out: 40-min (10-mins easy 2-mins @10k pace, 3-mins recovery,10-mins easy)

– James 

Tuesday Night Run – January 21, 2014

How is everyone doing?   

Well, I held off on this post till now to keep an eye on the weather and the temps, which will be cold and, perhaps, a bit unruly.  Oh well, such is life.  In the end I decided to change NOTHING and we will just see what happens.  Assume that we WILL be running unless I say otherwise … it’s just weather 🙂 
That being said, this week’s run is being sponsored by Gore-Tex, how fitting!!! So with the sloppy conditions out there a little waterproofing could just be the answer!!  
The workout planned for this week is below and is subject to change based on footing and conditions. These are FAST miles with VERY SLOW recoveries.
~ josh 
The “Workout”: 
9:45+ Pace: 
  • Warm-up to the WSH
  •  3 x 1-mile @ 5k Pace w/3:30-4:00 Recovery
  • Cool Down back to the store 
9:45 & Faster Pace: 
  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • 4 x 1-mile @ 5k Pace w/3:00 Recovery
  • Cool Down back to the store 

Tuesday Night Runs – 11/12/13



I truly apologize for the delay on this, I thought I had sent it out last night until someone emailed me about it this afternoon.  Sorry about that! I’m getting olde!! 

Anyway, tomorrow night will be a nice, light progression run, which will be broken down by the different pace groups. I know most everyone is done racing for the Fall, so workouts are the furthest from people’s minds, but this is only as much of a workout as you make it.  The only objective is for each segment or mile to be faster than the one previous, whether it’s a minute or just a single solitary second, just so long as it is faster. 

Oh yah, and there are snow rumors for tomorrow, so this should be REALLY interesting.  I can’t wait!!! It’ll be pretty if it does 🙂 

~ josh 



The “Workout”: 

  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • 9:45 pace + Faster groups: 40-min progression w/pace increase every 5-min
  • 9:50 pace + more chilled out: 40-min progression w/pace increase every 10-min 
  • Cool down back to the store

Tuesday Night Run – 10/1/13


Oh what a weekend it was, right?  For those of you that joined for the long run this past weekend, my hat goes off to you all.  That was probably THE toughest training run you will see all season, mentally and physically, and you all rocked it.  I would also like, if you have the time, for you to thank Super Pacer James, Nicole, Jess & Brian for coming out and supporting the whole crew out on the course.  They were indispensable and I can’t imagine everyone getting through it without their help. [ (that is for Jess & Brian)]  Pictures will be coming shortly! 


Now, back to business.  This week, after a few weeks focusing on pace, we are going to wake the legs back up and hit a little speed work.  The pace on this week’s workout will be a little slower than they have been, but still pacey.  The 9:30+ group will be doing their speed work out at the pier, whilst the faster pace group will be off to the East River Track.  I can already hear the moans and, as a new father, have no problem working through it 🙂  


It’s gonna be lively and AWESOME!  I’ll see you all tomorrow night. 

~ josh 



The “Workout”: 


9:45+ Pace: 

  • Warm-up to the WS Pier (roughly 1.5-miles)
  • 3 x 200m @ 85-90% Effort w/200m Recovery (100 walk/100 jog)
  • *4-6 x 400m @ 85-90% Effort w/2:30 Recovery
  • 3 x 200m @ 85-90% Effort w/200m Recovery
  • Cool Down back to the store 

9:45 & Faster Pace: 

  • Warm-up to the East River Track (Roughly 1.5-miles)
  • *10-12 x 400m @ 85-90% Effort w/200m Recovery (100 walk/100 jog)
  • Cool Down back to the store (Roughly 1.5-miles)

* = Time depending