Embrace the Rain: All About Rain Shells

Another Tuesday rolls around and, lately, it seems the rain, sleet or snow arrives just for us. Run clubbers have toughed it out through this winter admiringly well. So, for some of us, rain isn’t an issue on a run. Some of us actually love rain runs!

For the rest of us, we have a few suggestions before Spring really dumps rain on us. And, there’s a few things you should know about rain shells before making the investment. Paragon Running Specialist Shameth, aka Shay, Diaz has the details.

There’s a time and place for waterproof jackets. Shay says longer runs and slower runs under a moderate to heavy rain require a waterproof shell. Keeping the rain out for the duration of the run is what matters, though he warns not to over-layer. This leads to sweating a lot, dehydrating and eventually getting cold.

If you’re the speedy type or are just out for a quick jaunt, water resistant shells are the way to go. These are light enough not to weigh you down and more breathable for the higher intensity of your run.

What do you look for in a quality rain shell?

Great question. Shay says to look for breathable materials or vents, sealed or taped seams and zippers, lightweight design, visibility like 3M reflectivity or bright colors, and a cinched hood. Your water resistant shell should last about an hour in light rain, while waterproof jackets can keep you dry on longer runs or a heavy rain.

What’s on the market?

There are so many great brands making quality rain shells, so you have fashionable options, as well as functional. Thank the Athleisure movement happening in the sporting goods industry now. Check out some of Shay’s suggestions for running-specific rain shells below!

TNF_stormytrailSHOP The North Face Stormy Trail Jacket: http://bit.ly/1LZrzE5 


SHOP Nike Rain Runner Jacket: http://bit.ly/1Cbfy6E GORE_x

SHOP Gore X-Running 2.0 Jacket: http://bit.ly/1N9haTp GORE_air

SHOP Gore Air Gore-tex Jacket: http://bit.ly/19QL7d2 CRAFT_focus

SHOP Craft Focus Jacket: http://bit.ly/1LZsvZc NIKE_trailkiger

SHOP Nike Trail Kiger Jacket: http://bit.ly/1GVL1Lg BROOKS_infinity

SHOP Brooks Infinity Jacket: http://bit.ly/1BMDcD9 

If you’re still scratching your head about which jacket is right for you, stop in and say ‘Hi’ to our women associates in the running and performance department on the first floor and Shay and other associates on the lower level where men’s running clothing lives.

Interview with Marathoner Brian McGregor


The NYC marathon is on our minds—whether we’re running it or not. Throughout the week, we’ll be chatting with a few Paragon marathoners and sharing their personal stories and tips for the rest of us.

Today, we begin with marathoner and Paragon Running Specialist Brian McGregor, who has ran the NYC Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon.


Brian started running in 2008 when he heard about Paragon’s Tuesday night runs.

“The idea of a challenge really kept me motivated and it’s more than a physical challenge too. The mental aspect is just as demanding,” he says.

His first NYC Marathon was in 2011, and for his second race in Philly, he trained with a coach for 16 weeks prior. Beyond training, he had nutrition on his mind.

“Proteins and carbs are fuel for the body so I made sure that I consumed them in moderation,” he says.  “Water became my best friend. I drank about three to four gallons a day.”

On race day, he had goals to finish and to remember it wasn’t a race against anyone else. He set visual markers every couple hundred feet to stay motivated in a forward motion, especially as he neared the finish.

“I always kept my eyes on what was in front of me. The spectators helped me too. Hearing their words of encouragement and seeing all of the praise excites you to a point where all you want to do is continue. Their push was my focus and I felt like I couldn’t let them down,” he says.

One pointer Brian has for the rest of us is to train in the same shoes as race-day shoes, or at least the same model you trained in.

Once race day comes he says, “Repetition is your best friend at this point. One small change could mean the race for you. I made sure all of my actions were identical. From the way I tied my shoelaces to the notch on my hat that determined how loose or tight I wore it. I think it was almost superstitious in a way. “

The feeling at the finish line is worth it all.

“Take it all in and enjoy every moment,” he says. “It’s a huge milestone for a person to run 26 miles. In the words of Haruki Murakami, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”.

Stay tuned for more marathoner interviews to come!

Tuesday Night Run – 3/25/14


Greetings from Hawaii!!!!  I hope all is well with you all.  Below is the workout that Pacer James is going to be leading in my stead.  Looking forward to coming back and running with you all again soon … but for now I am enjoying being in shorts and a t-shirt all the time 🙂

~ josh

Greeting Paragon Runners,

The Paragon Tuesday Night Run could be some of the most fun you can have getting in a good workout! Flyby’s! If you have never heard of those not to fear! They are simple and fun, promise! You might also have heard them called Wind Sprints. Quoting Healthcentral.com/ –

What Are Wind Sprints? 

Wind sprint is a familiar term to athletes. For them it means to sprint or go very fast. But it’s the first word — WIND — that should really be emphasized, because the purpose of the exercise is to get momentarily winded. Athletes have to go very fast to get winded. Out-of-shape people can get winded from just walking. (It might have been easier to explain this technique if I had made up a new name for it, such as “The Get Winded Exercise.”)

If you want to become a person who burns LOTS of fat during aerobic exercise, then you have to raise the level at which you exercise. Doing little bursts to “get winded” in the middle of your regular aerobic exercise session is what raises that level. Plus, wind sprints add intensity and challenge to your workouts without the danger of getting injured.)”

These runs are a lot of fun and simple. You’ll work together with similarly paced runners, feel your fast and also have some time to relax.

WARM-UP to the WSH:

Under 8-9:00min Pace and Faster: 5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON, 5min @ Easy/HMP, 7mins ON,  5min @ Easy/HMP, 7mins ON, 3mins Recovery, 3mins ON

9-10:00+min Pace and Faster: 5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON, 5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON,  5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON, 5mins Recovery, 3mins ON

COOLDOWN to the Paragon

*Pacers will be keeping everyone alert as to the intervals starting and stopping (1 whistle ON, 2 whistle OFF)

It’s all going to be very wonderful, full of youth and straightforward! Really looking forward to having you all out tomorrow night! And do not forget: it MIGHT rain tomorrow (60% chance as of now).


Be Well, 

James P.

c3Fit sponsored Tuesday Night Run – 10/15/13


Late notice!! I know, I’m terrible.  My trip to Chicago for the marathon was long and exhausting, but FRUITFUL!  AND, I saw pacer James & Carol between mile 24 & 25.  


This week’s fartlek run is sponsored by compression gear company C3Fit so get ready to try out some cool gear!!  The workout is full of numbers and excitement, which you have all come to know and love.  Should be an awesome night.  


Rest up and I will see you all laters!! 


~ josh 


The “Workout”: 

  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • Fartlek Ladder: 321212123 w/balanced recovery
  • 9:45+ Group: 3 = 30-sec faster than Conversation Pace, 2 = 45-sec Faster than Conversation Pace, 1 = 60-sec Faster than Conversation Pace
  • 9:45 Faster Group: 3 = Marathon Goal Pace, 2 = Half-Marathon Pace, 1 = 10k pace
  • Cool Down back to the store 

Marathon Special – MEET YOUR RUNNING SPECIALIST: Devang Patel


The NYC Marathon is a little less than a month away! In the next few weeks, let’s meet some of our running specialists who will be running in this year’s ING New York City Marathon. Wish them luck!


How did you get into running? 
As a 6th grader, I used to skip school to run and make new friends. I realized that running was fun and easy for me so I eventually continued running in high school by participating in our cross country indoor track and outdoor track. At that time, I was mostly doing short distances and hurdles. When I ran in college, that’s when I got into longer distances. 

Why do you run?
I love to run because it makes me feel calm and free. Also I especially love the renewed feeling I feel after my runs. 

Since you’re participating in this year’s NYC Marathon, what is your goal?
My goal for NYC Marathon is to go under 3 hours and qualify for Boston. Besides that, I also want to enjoy the race, the cheering crowds, and treasure the moments with friends and family. 

What’s your favorite Marathon training route in NYC?
My favorite marathon training route in NYC is running 22 miles in Central Park as long runs. As NJ native, most of my training routes happen from my town, North Bergen, to Liberty State Park. 

Do you have a running ritual? If so, what is it?
I don’t have any crazy running ritual but it’s important to have good sleep two nights before and carb up the night before. I also like to wear compression socks.

What is your favorite running shoe? Why? 
This is hard to choose but for now, I would say the adidas energy boost. The lightweight shoe fits perfectly on my feet with the techfit technology and has great cushioning.

What is your favorite race? Why?
My favorite race so far is The North Face Endurance Challenge Series in Bear Mountain State Park, NY. It was my first trail race and the course was very hard with many hills and lots of turns on the road. I love challenges. 

What’s your next or most anticipated race?
My next most anticipated race is the Boston Marathon!

Tuesday Night Run – 10/8/2013


How is everyone doing?  What a rough weekend with the humidity, no?  90% humidity made the half-marathon on Sunday difficult.  I apologize for the late notice about tomorrow night, but I had to confirm our sponsor for the run. This week’s run club event is being sponsored by New Balance, so I assume I will be seeing a bagillion of you 🙂  Regardless we’re doing a nice interval workout going one threshold up from all of our marathon pace work.  A little quicker with a nice long recovery to recharge allowing us to be consistent on each rep.  Weather should be a little less humid and working in our favor.  

Once again, tomorrow night is a New Balance run!!! 

Rest up and I will see you all laters!! 


~ josh 


The “Workout”: 



  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • 8 x 2-min @ HM Pace w/3-min Recovery Jog
  • Cool Down back to the store 

Tuesday Night Run – 10/1/13


Oh what a weekend it was, right?  For those of you that joined for the long run this past weekend, my hat goes off to you all.  That was probably THE toughest training run you will see all season, mentally and physically, and you all rocked it.  I would also like, if you have the time, for you to thank Super Pacer James, Nicole, Jess & Brian for coming out and supporting the whole crew out on the course.  They were indispensable and I can’t imagine everyone getting through it without their help. [jamesmpelletier@gmail.comNicole.m.Falcaro@gmail.comjbaybly@gmail.com (that is for Jess & Brian)]  Pictures will be coming shortly! 


Now, back to business.  This week, after a few weeks focusing on pace, we are going to wake the legs back up and hit a little speed work.  The pace on this week’s workout will be a little slower than they have been, but still pacey.  The 9:30+ group will be doing their speed work out at the pier, whilst the faster pace group will be off to the East River Track.  I can already hear the moans and, as a new father, have no problem working through it 🙂  


It’s gonna be lively and AWESOME!  I’ll see you all tomorrow night. 

~ josh 



The “Workout”: 


9:45+ Pace: 

  • Warm-up to the WS Pier (roughly 1.5-miles)
  • 3 x 200m @ 85-90% Effort w/200m Recovery (100 walk/100 jog)
  • *4-6 x 400m @ 85-90% Effort w/2:30 Recovery
  • 3 x 200m @ 85-90% Effort w/200m Recovery
  • Cool Down back to the store 

9:45 & Faster Pace: 

  • Warm-up to the East River Track (Roughly 1.5-miles)
  • *10-12 x 400m @ 85-90% Effort w/200m Recovery (100 walk/100 jog)
  • Cool Down back to the store (Roughly 1.5-miles)

* = Time depending


Paragon Long Run – 9/28/13



Oh yes!! This is going to be an AWESOME weekend.  The first of 2 major long runs out over the GW Bridge and out into Palisades Park.  It is beautiful, quiet, challenging and just fantastic.  If you are doing a fall marathon, this is one of the long runs NOT to miss.  The course is 18+ miles, but the effort will exceed what 19-miles would be. 


Now, since we are out in woods of Palisades Park, there are facilities, but there are pretty long gaps between them, so PLEASE COME PREPARED.  We WILL have supplies on the course and a couple of stops for you to hit up for the bathroom, water, etc.  There will be at least 2 bikes on the course for support and 1 car that will be parked out there as an Aid station for refills etc.  


Also, my brother-in-law’s company, Lifefactory, has generously sponsored this weekend’s long run and has provided us with a whole slew of bottles!!! Love this stuff!!


OK, now for the final details:  We’re meeting at Starbucks at 168th & Broadway where those that are driving will provide bag drop and we will be FINISHING at the Park on 165th and Riverside Drive.  Cars used for bag drop will be down there.   



  • 9:45+ Pace Runners will be meeting at 7am & on the run by NO LATER THAN 7:15. 
  • Faster than 9:45 Pace Runners will be meeting at 7:30am & on the run NO LATER THAN 7:45

Alrighty then, that is pretty much all the news fit to print. 


~ josh [speedysasquatch@gmail.com]




  • 7:00 am -> 9:45+ Paces 
  • 7:30 am -> 9:40 & Faster Paces

Meeting Place: 

  • START: Starbucks @ 168th & Broadway
  • FINISH: Park at 165th & Riverside Drive

Course & Distance: 18+ miles, but it will feel like a lot more 🙂 … HERE is the map.

Tuesday Night Run – 9/24/2013


What’s happenin’ y’all?  Who all did the 5th Avenue Mile?  I know I saw a whole bunch of you out there pre-race.  My race was downright comical with someone tripping and falling right in front of me about 300m into the race and totally messing with my racing chi.  Oh well, it was still a good race and I had a blast.  


So this week we are going to change things up and do a more tempo-type workout than we usually do on a Tuesday.  This week we will be doing a negative split run, meaning that we will go out at one pace and will return at a faster pace.  A nice change of pace from our usual fartlek, interval and track workouts.  


ALSO, as I have mentioned a number of times previously, this Saturday is the first of our long runs into Palisades Park.  This IS the best training run around.  It’s challenging, beautiful and just fantastic!  Anyway, since it is out in the Park it is great to have bike support on the course for water and a car or two at our finishing spot so we can do bag drop and change out of wet clothes since the temps have shifted.  So if you know of anyone willing to help us out that would be AWESOME!!  Just have them get in touch with me via this email address to coordinate. 

Have a great day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow night!! 

~ josh 


The “Workout”: 


9:45+ Pace: 

  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • Out: 2-miles @ MGP [Marathon Goal Pace]
  • Back: 2-miles @ 20-30-sec faster than MGP
  • Cool Down back to the store 

9:45 & Faster Pace: 

  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • Out: 2.5-miles @ MGP [Marathon Goal Pace]
  • Back: 2.5-miles @ 30-45-sec faster than MGP
  • Cool Down back to the store 


Weekend Marathon Training Run


Dear Paragoners,


“To those of you that are not aware this course is essentially through my neighborhood, these Brooklyn/Queens miles are my bread and butter for training routes no matter what time of year, distance I’m racing etc. If you have any questions about regarding local details, food, restrooms, water, transit along the course let me know. I look forward to guiding/pacing you.”

Back to our email —

How goes it?! Anyone excited for the weekend … long run .. 5th Avenue Mile … you know, the good stuff!! Let me tell you, operating on very little sleep is NOT really that fun … just a heads up for the future parents of America.

Anyway, down to business.  This weekend we are going to be rocking an 18-ish mile course that will pretty strictly stick to the NYC Marathon course.  There will be traffic lights and such to deal with, but I think getting the lay of the land is far more important.  For those that use your smart phones and MapMyRun you should be able to load the course onto your phone morning of … regardless we will be chalking the course throughout, I’ll be bringing some turn sheets, but there aren’t too many turns to deal with. We’ll be going over the Pulaski & 59th Street bridges and up 1st Ave, down 5th Ave and working most of the marathon finish.

PLEASE come prepared with water, nutrition, and a few bucks if you need to stop at a bodega for a refill as there will be limited options amidst the middle miles of this run.

We’re meeting at Starbucks off of West Broadway downtown, right by the Chambers Street 1/2/3 station.


  • 9:45+ Pace Runners will be meeting at 7am & on the run by NO LATER THAN 7:15.
  • Faster than 9:45 Pace Runners will be meeting at 7:30am & on the run NO LATER THAN 7:45

Alrighty then, that is pretty much all the news fit to print.

~ josh [speedysasquatch@gmail.com]


  • 7:00 am -> 9:45+ Paces
  • 7:30 am -> 9:45 & Faster Paces

Meeting Place:

  • Starbucks @ West Broadway & Reade [just off the 1/2/3 Chambers Street stop]

Course & Distance: 18+ miles … HERE is the map.