Newton Run Recap: The Shoes, The Run, The Fun



Last night’s Newton Sponsored Run was amazing–am I right? About 40 runners took the sunny streets in flashy Newton running shoes, renewed by the warmer weather. Once we hit the West Side Highway, the wind started to cool us off and provided a great training tool as we kept pace for our recovery run.

The highlight of the night, of course, was getting to try some new kicks for free! Comments on the run included how stylish and bright the shoes were, how different they felt and the bouncy, cushioned effect the midsole had.

“Everyone that tried them last night loved the shoes and was happy about the comfort they provided,” says Newton Tech Rep Tori Simons about getting runners’ reactions.

Before the run, Tori schooled us on what makes a Newton shoe different from other running shoes. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Newton recognizes and boasts about the unusual feeling of the shoes, and it’s like no other.

“Newton running shoes have extra cushion in all the right places to help you run more comfortably,” Tori says.

The most noticeable difference is the midfoot area, where lugs and extra cushioning are present. Most of us might be used to a heel-heavy cushioned shoe, or even a more minimal shoe, so let’s review some of the innovative qualities of the various styles we wore last night:

  • Midsole cushion absorbs impact and adds responsiveness
  • POP sensation is from a dynamic movement system
  • Midfoot lugs engage to activate a trampoline membrane for energy return
  • You get enhanced ground feel, efficiency, comfort!
  • New broader P.O.P 1 platform accommodates natural foot function
  • An extended medial bridge supports without over-correcting for flatter arches and overpronation

“The event last night was great! We love doing a Paragon sponsored run for the public,” says Tori. “It’s great that the staff runs as well and has the opportunity to experience the shoes.”

We definitely are thankful for the opportunity to experience new and different running products. It helps expand our knowledge to share with our run club, helping us all become better runners!

Thank you all for joining us at Paragon last night and for coming out for some St. Patty’s Day celebrations post-run. See you next time!

-Your Paragon Pacers





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Newton Sponsored Run – 5/14/13



I hope everyone had a great weekend!  So, this week NEWTON is sponsoring our Tuesday Night workout.  This week we’ll be doing a scaling interval workout.  Once on the West Side Highway we’ll be doing 4 sets with 2-min easy and 3-min at Half-marathon race pace out.  On the return 4 sets with 3-min easy and 2-min at 10k race pace.  A nice little primer for those prepping for the Brooklyn Half this weekend.


Have a great week and I’ll see you tomorrow night. 


~ josh 


The “Workout”: 

– Everyone: 

– Warm-up to the WSH to get loose and stretch

– 4 x 2-min Easy, 3-min @ Half-marathon Race Pace

– 4 x 3-min Easy, 2-min @ 10k Race Pace

– Cool Down back to the store