NYCtrailguide_headerJust because we live in a cement jungle, doesn’t mean green stuff doesn’t exist–we promise. There are plenty of trails to explore an hour or more from NYC, but if you’re looking for a closer-to-home adventure, we’ve got you covered. Check out our map below with 6 of our recommended spots to put in some nature miles.

The trails from easiest to most difficult:

Forest Park, Queens: 30-45 minutes from Midtown. Embrace the rolling hills in this nature-filled oasis between Queens and Brooklyn. Three main trails range from 1-3 miles long on the Eastern side of the park.

Central Park, Manhattan: In Midtown. Conquer the hills of our city on the 1.5 mile Reservoir Path or one of two Bridle Path loops at 1.66 and 2.5 miles around. These are great to tack onto a run close to home for a taste of greenery.

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, New York: 60 minutes from Midtown. The entire trail runs 26 miles (from Yonkers to Croton Dam), and you’ll run through towns with plenty of places to stop for snacks or park a car. Not super technical, it follows a rail and lets you cover a lot of ground without pounding pavement.

Inwood Hills Park, Bronx: 35-40 minutes from Midtown. For a true in-city trail, this 2 mile loop starts out on paved paths near ball fields. After a few stairs, you’re in a leafy wonderland. Easily add onto your run by exploring the Riverside Path along the Hudson.

Van Cortlandt, Bronx: 60 minutes from Midtown. NYC’s third largest park, it dedicates a 1.25 mile and a 3 mile path to runners, along with hiking trails to journey.

Palisades Interstate Park, New Jersey: 90 minutes from Midtown. Put in a long run starting in the city, running the bridge and entering the trails or start near the Englewood Cliffs boat basin to park and run. There are multiple trails, including an 11-miler, that are accessible from here and they include hills, stairs, a boulder field and some challenging ascents.

If you want a group to run trails with, join the Paragon Trail Run 5k or 10k featuring Salomon at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 18 in Van Cortlandt Park! We will have two vans for up to 25 people to get a round-trip ride from Paragon Sports in Union Square at 8:15 a.m. RSVP to You’re welcome to meet us there to run the workout, as well. **Bag check, post-run coffee and sweets will be available.


Tuesday Night Run – 3/25/14


Greetings from Hawaii!!!!  I hope all is well with you all.  Below is the workout that Pacer James is going to be leading in my stead.  Looking forward to coming back and running with you all again soon … but for now I am enjoying being in shorts and a t-shirt all the time 🙂

~ josh

Greeting Paragon Runners,

The Paragon Tuesday Night Run could be some of the most fun you can have getting in a good workout! Flyby’s! If you have never heard of those not to fear! They are simple and fun, promise! You might also have heard them called Wind Sprints. Quoting –

What Are Wind Sprints? 

Wind sprint is a familiar term to athletes. For them it means to sprint or go very fast. But it’s the first word — WIND — that should really be emphasized, because the purpose of the exercise is to get momentarily winded. Athletes have to go very fast to get winded. Out-of-shape people can get winded from just walking. (It might have been easier to explain this technique if I had made up a new name for it, such as “The Get Winded Exercise.”)

If you want to become a person who burns LOTS of fat during aerobic exercise, then you have to raise the level at which you exercise. Doing little bursts to “get winded” in the middle of your regular aerobic exercise session is what raises that level. Plus, wind sprints add intensity and challenge to your workouts without the danger of getting injured.)”

These runs are a lot of fun and simple. You’ll work together with similarly paced runners, feel your fast and also have some time to relax.

WARM-UP to the WSH:

Under 8-9:00min Pace and Faster: 5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON, 5min @ Easy/HMP, 7mins ON,  5min @ Easy/HMP, 7mins ON, 3mins Recovery, 3mins ON

9-10:00+min Pace and Faster: 5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON, 5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON,  5min @ Easy/HMP, 5mins ON, 5mins Recovery, 3mins ON

COOLDOWN to the Paragon

*Pacers will be keeping everyone alert as to the intervals starting and stopping (1 whistle ON, 2 whistle OFF)

It’s all going to be very wonderful, full of youth and straightforward! Really looking forward to having you all out tomorrow night! And do not forget: it MIGHT rain tomorrow (60% chance as of now).


Be Well, 

James P.

Tuesday Night Run – January 21, 2014

How is everyone doing?   

Well, I held off on this post till now to keep an eye on the weather and the temps, which will be cold and, perhaps, a bit unruly.  Oh well, such is life.  In the end I decided to change NOTHING and we will just see what happens.  Assume that we WILL be running unless I say otherwise … it’s just weather 🙂 
That being said, this week’s run is being sponsored by Gore-Tex, how fitting!!! So with the sloppy conditions out there a little waterproofing could just be the answer!!  
The workout planned for this week is below and is subject to change based on footing and conditions. These are FAST miles with VERY SLOW recoveries.
~ josh 
The “Workout”: 
9:45+ Pace: 
  • Warm-up to the WSH
  •  3 x 1-mile @ 5k Pace w/3:30-4:00 Recovery
  • Cool Down back to the store 
9:45 & Faster Pace: 
  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • 4 x 1-mile @ 5k Pace w/3:00 Recovery
  • Cool Down back to the store 

Tuesday Night Runs – 11/12/13



I truly apologize for the delay on this, I thought I had sent it out last night until someone emailed me about it this afternoon.  Sorry about that! I’m getting olde!! 

Anyway, tomorrow night will be a nice, light progression run, which will be broken down by the different pace groups. I know most everyone is done racing for the Fall, so workouts are the furthest from people’s minds, but this is only as much of a workout as you make it.  The only objective is for each segment or mile to be faster than the one previous, whether it’s a minute or just a single solitary second, just so long as it is faster. 

Oh yah, and there are snow rumors for tomorrow, so this should be REALLY interesting.  I can’t wait!!! It’ll be pretty if it does 🙂 

~ josh 



The “Workout”: 

  • Warm-up to the WSH
  • 9:45 pace + Faster groups: 40-min progression w/pace increase every 5-min
  • 9:50 pace + more chilled out: 40-min progression w/pace increase every 10-min 
  • Cool down back to the store

Paragon Tuesday Night Runs – 5/21/13


How was everyone’s weekend?!  What a FANTASTIC Brooklyn Half weekend, huh?  It was great seeing so many of you on the course and after the race.  Some smoking fast times out there.  Have to give some love to Mickey Davis who ran her first ever half and took 3rd in her AG with a 1:25:51!!!  Not bad for a first half-marathon, huh?  


This week we are going to go back to the basics … mechanics focused pick-ups.  I will do some explaining to the what and why before we hit the road, but the pick-ups are short and will be perfect for those who raced over the weekend and those looking to get their fitness primed.  


ALSO, this week is our Paragon Run Club NIGHT OUT after the run so if you can spare the time come out and have a drink and hang out for a little while.  Should be fun, so COME!!!  

One final note, I will be changing the email address I use for our weekly emails to later this week, just wanted to give you a head’s up. 

Have a great week and I’ll see you guys Tuesday night. 

~ josh 


The “Workout”: 

– Everyone: 

– Warm-up to the WSH to get loose and stretch

– 16 x 1-min Mechanics Focused Pick-ups (10k Pace) w/1-min Recovery

– Cool Down back to the store 


Tuesday Night Runs – 4/30/13


How is everyone doing?  No track this week, so breathe easy!  This week we are doing a fartlek workout that is a little different than we have done it in the past.  Usually we do 321212123 with balanced recoveries, but this week we are going to do them in the inverse, meaning 3-min pick-up 1-min recovery, 2-min pick-up 2-min recovery, 1-min pick-up 3-min recovery.  The shorter the duration of the pick-up the faster the pace.  The weather looks like it should be perfect so this will be fun.  

See you all on Tuesday!! 

~ josh 


The “Workout”:

– Warm-up to the West Side Highway

– 3-min Half-Marathon Pace (1-min Recover), 2-min 10k Pace (2-min Recover), 1-min 5k Pace (3-min Recover), 2-min 10k Pace (2-min Recover), 1-min 5k Pace (3-min Recover), 2-min 10k Pace (2-min Recover), 1-min 5k Pace (3-min Recover), 2-min 10k Pace (2-min Recover), 3-min Half-Marathon Pace (1-min Recover)

– Cool Down back to the store